I was given the chance to paint some of the Parallax miniatures, and let me just say I was impressed. The sculpts are very high quality and the larger size makes these miniatures very fun to paint and collect.

Octave Villar, Play it Painted

As a tabletop miniature gamer with many years of experience I really enjoy the mechanics of Parallax for various reasons. I like dice pools (thanks to RPGs) but don't like tossing buckets of dice like some minis games require; Parallax strikes a nice balance between always rolling 2d6 and tossing out multiple handfuls of dice.

My favorite mechanics are the exhaustion points and amping. I always favor any type of action points over the typical "one move, one action" mechanic used by many games. Being able to spend your EP however you like in this game is great but being able to amp your attacks by effectively spending against EP from future turns is innovative and very fun to play.

Probably the best thing I can say about the game is that my wife, who has never shown any interest in miniature gaming sat down for a demo and was enthralled. I was shocked to see how much she enjoyed it and surprised when she looked at me and said "We have to buy this game." I think that says a lot about how easy it is to pick up the basic rules and I know we will have even more fun once we start learning the special abilities, not to mention character growth in the campaign system and variable missions.

I think that Parallax has got a lot going for it and can't wait to get my hands on the final product, not to mention what might be in store for future releases.

Rick Westbrock, Fanatical Gamers Society

I have had the good fortune to work with some Parallax miniatures, and been very pleased!

The poses were both solid and dynamic, and offered me a number of painting and basing opportunities. I found some nice open areas for freehand designs, while the unique nature of the subject matter meant that I could unleash more creative elements.

The resin was easy to prep with my basic tools, and had very small details, like stitching of leather straps and pouches.

I am looking forward to painting many more of these truly unique figures from Parallax!!

James Wappel, artist