A proud race of warriors who live by a code of honor. While many look at their massive frames and see a mindless beast, the Minotaurs have become the librarians of time.

As the legend goes, when The Great Sundering struck, the minotaur race was stripped of their mental faculties, and were little better than domesticated livestock. The Hadjen were able to restore the Minotaur’s sentience by developing a magical focus termed a “Book of Ancestors” and, over time in the Materris shard, the Minotaurs civilization grew.

These books, however, came with a price: the Minotaurs swore an oath to the Hadjen to serve as their bodyguards, military advisors, and hired muscle until the Ancients returned. In the present time, these books are no longer essential. But each Minotaur carries a tome to record history as it is created, to use as a magical focus, and to communicate with their ancestors.