When the rift split the world, the ancient scrolls speak of a world where the Devoid prospered and expanded throughout the land. They had found paradise. But soon they would learn of a terror that lurked in the darkness.

Feral beasts with the size and wit of a man, but the face of a dog sprang from the wilderness, and ravaged all but the most protected cities. From that initial attack, until The Rejoining, the Devoid warred with the feral Cayads for survival. Without magic to aid them, the Devoid became masters of engineering, steel, and combat.

When the rejoining took place and Tir demonstrated their legendary powers of magic the Devoid thought that they had finally found the weapons with which to destroy the Cayad mongrels. When approached, the Tir were repulsed by their brethren and the thought being used as a weapon against their former allies.

This left the Devoid with only one option - harness the secrets of the pools and use them to defend their people.